We were blessed with a mild and sunny start to the New Year. I couldn’t resist the urge to get some rays and fresh air, so I put on a light jacket and headed outside with my little female cat, “Peep”. We call her Peep because that’s how she speaks. We let the chickens out of their pen and we all enjoyed a winter frolic.


While I was out, I checked on the status of my small patch of mache and “Red Kitten” spinach. I opened up the low tunnel covering them to sneak a peek and give them an early winter watering with fertilizer. So far, so good. We have had critter issues for the last couple of winters. Voles have done a number on the mache patch and the winter carrots. However, the “Peepster” seems to be making a difference. So far, I am not noticing any signs of vole activity in or near the mache. Peep is a relentless hunter of rodents. Winter doesn’t seem to damp her enthusiasm for the out of doors nor her pursuit of all things rodent.


I have to admit that I was losing my mojo toward the end of the last growing season. All it took was a sunny day, seeing the mache and enjoying a sunny day with Peep and “the girls”.

Here’s wishing you all a productive and fun gardening year.

All the best,

Greg Garnache