My name is Greg Garnache and I love vegetable gardening. I have been gardening in North-East Massachusetts (zone 6a) for nearly thirty years.

Over the last ten years I have become the gardening answer guy for many of my friends and associates. In 2009, I started a blog in an attempt to answer some of the questions I was receiving. Trying to work a 9 to 5 job, garden and blog proved to be a daunting task. Blogging took a back seat. The 9 to 5 obstacle has been eliminated now that I am retired. In January of this year, I took a bold step and started a new blog, “Greg’s Garden Party” using WORD/PRESS software. I am still learning how it all works and I apologize if the site is not yet as user friendly as it will be. The new name highlights the fact that I plan on having fun writing this blog. I will include recipes, and accounts of the various dinner parties, Friday evening get-to-gethers and tomato tastings that my wife Catherine and I host over the course of the gardening season.

We celebrate the arrival of each vegetable from the garden.  The first asparagus,
the first peas, the first beets, the first tomatoes are all occasions that bring joy
to our lives.  We love to share the bounty with our friends and loved ones.  We
live for these moments: great food and great company.

The goals of this blog are to share my knowledge of gardening with you, as well as offer recipes and entertaining tips. Yeah, I’m probably going to mention the chickens now and again. After all, they are part of “Greg’s Garden Party”. I welcome and encourage your comments.

All the best,
Greg Garnache