It’s 5:30AM, I am sitting at the table on the patio in the vegetable garden, surrounded by the fruit of two and a half months of hard work.  Birds and crickets provide the soundtrack, my chickens keep me company as I peck away at my laptop trying to put into words the emotional high that I am feeling at this very moment.

Right here, in this tiny speck on the planet, all is right with the World.  Here there  is peace and serenity.  Here there is sustainence, beauty, inspiration, nature.

I can see a rabbit feasting on clover out in the back field.  A cat bird just flew in and started pecking away at one of my nearly ripe Glacier tomatoes,.  “Get out of here you little creep”.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, I’m in my favorite place feeling one with nature.

All the best,

Greg Garnache